American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association


Meet the Dedicated APLSA Officers of the
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.
(aka APLSA)

PRESIDENT...Loana J Shields--Naples, NY    

(585)394-8073             e-mail President


30 years plus with the Polish Lowland Sheepdog and owner of seven: breeder, owner-handler, and obedience; finished  several champions which became AKC stock foundation; 1st  U.S. Champion --conformation and obedience. Active in both SKC and ARBA became founder of parent club; 10 years plus on AKC parent club Board; newsletter editor; 3 reliable,  informative websites on the PON; program chair national specialty 2011; author Nov.2012 Showsite Magazine article about the PON and also author about the PON in the AKC's New Complete Dog Book; pet owner concerned with the breed welfare. Always open to helping others!

VICE PRESIDENT...Benigne Dohms--Payson, AZ

    (928)478-6233                              e-mail Vice President


 Owner handler of two PONs who have been trained/titled through AKC, UKC,

 ARBA, AHBA, IABCA in Agility, Conformation, Herding, Lure Coursing,

 Obedience, Rally, Tracking ; through the Barn Hunt Association trained first PON  to receive instinct and Novice Barn Hunt  titles; served as parent club treasurer, 2010 National Specialty Chair; 2011 National Specialty Co-Chair

and trophy chair,participated on C & B committee; arranged for herding clinics.

(410)507-3458                                           e-mail  Corresponding Secretary

Canines have been my companions since I was  a child.  Early on, my mixed
breed dogs were obedience trained.  I competed with one in fun matches.  From the mid  1990's-2000's , I adopted/trained 3 rescued, retired racing Greyhounds. My last Greyhound passed away in 2007.Because we had a toddler, we decided to wait on our next dog. Puppy fever struck in July 2013.  I took 5 on-line breed selection quizzes and 4 of them recommended the PON. I read everything I could find on PONs and spoke to all the officers of the APLSA. Everyone agreed that it was a good match and I brought my puppy home in October of 2013. Kiszka and I are working on therapy dog certification and show handling.
RECORDING SECRETARY...Karen Nielsen--Minneapolis, MN
(612)522-1979                                e-mail Recording Secretary
I was introduced to the PONs in 2003 by a co-worker,then to the world of conformation showing in 2005.  I acquired my first PON, Romeo ,on 12/30/2006, and I have been involved in PONs ever since. I am currently owned by 2 PONs, Romeo (CH Polish Hill's Heart Throb, born 11/06/05) and Kate (CH Awangarda Lucarz Katarzyna, born 7/19/2009.  Prior to my PONs, I had mixed breed rescue dogs, and have been involved in dog rescue and fostering since 1997.  I served as a Board Member for the parent club from 2012 to 2014. I am 1/4 Polish, my Polish great-grandparents were farmers near Warsaw and could possibly have had PONs on their farm!

TREASURER...Simona Stoyanova-Romeoville, IL

 (708)557-8237                                 e-mail Treasurer

I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I was a German Shepherd owner for 22 years, when in 2012 I had to say goodbye to my last German Shepherd due to health problems.  This is when I started looking for another furry friend.  After taking a couple questionnaires on a couple of websites, the PON was the first pick for me.  After more research I decided a PON was for me, and I got my first PON in May of 2012.  Today I have three lovely PONs.

BOARD OF DIRECTOR...Thomas M Wason--Oxford, MS

 (662)282-5881                           email  Board of Director

20 years pluse with Polish Lowland Sheepdogs; breeder, owner-handler; several champions became AKC foundation stock; first U.S. champion owner;founder of parent club; treasurer of parent club; presently pet owner interested in maintaining the health and integrity of the  breed.

Board of Director...Abby Bayer--Houston, TX

  (713)863-1731                             e-mail   Board of Director


I have loved dogs all my life.  I started out by adopting a terrier mix who I was lucky to have 16 years.  Since then I have had a mixed breed, a Golden Retriever and two Old English Sheepdogs.  I rescued my PON, Paco,when he was just over a year old.  He had been abused by his first owner and had become a biter  so he was set to be euthanized.  When he found his fourth home with me it was forever.   He required a lot of work on impulse control, basic obedience, and lots of love and he became my baby.  I had quite a scare in February when he had to have his gall bladder removed and he developed pancreatitis.  It was touch and go for over a week.  While still on some meds he is doing great.  I appreciated all the phone calls and being able to talk to the APLSA President  and others when I needed to talk. 

BOARD OF DIRECTOR...Linda Wozniak... Halifax,Nova Scotia

  (902)-477-3798             e-mail Board of Director

My first dog was a mixed breed terrier that the SPCA nicknamed "the biter." He lived up to his name and in 17.5 years he taught me a great deal about dogs.  Over the years I have owned a Lab, four Bernese Mountain dogs, and have been involved in my local all breed club. I've competed in conformation, obedience, agility,rally, draft and some field work. In 2010, I investigated the PON. Frodo was my first PON, earning CH with group placements with me on the lead. Viktor is his alter-ego brother from a second breeding.  He may not have a title, but has a blog. I adore these shaggy souls, who keep me on my toes and entertain me every single day.

BOARD OF DIRECTOR...Patricia Wrightson--   Washington, DC

 (202)398-3022                      e-mail  Board of Director

I have been an experienced PON owner since 1992 when I fell in love with the smiling dog on the cover of Dog Fancy Magazine.  A phone interview with a PON breeder at ShaggiPons  convinced her that we knew what we were getting into (and boy did we fool her!) and she helped us find a puppy from a reputable, known breeder.  But I don't think we fooled Betty of Elzbieta Kennels who lived close enough to us to be able to visit with our puppy, Suchka, just a few months after she came to live with us.  Lili was my second PON.She arrived July 4th weekend in 2003.  Both of my first two PONs came from Mary at Von Marja Kennel.  My beloved Lili passed in February , 2016,  just six weeks after she was diagnosed with leukemia.  My (then) boyfriend, Jim, had fallen in love with the breed.  In June, we became the very happy PON-owned humans of Elsie, who came to us via Judy at PONjude Kennel.This is when I was lucky enough, after many years,   to find the APLSA and re-connect with its President.  Elsie is very special to us and she was our ring bearer when Jim and I married this past October.  As an owner of three PONs, over the  years I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the breed!                  

GENERAL  COUNSEL...Mary Von Drehle--Bernice, OK

   (918)520-8486                     e-mail  Legal Counsel


Owner of PONs since 1986.  Breeder, owner, handler, and co-founder of

Von Marja Kennels.  Charter member and General Counsel of national parent club through 2004.  Experienced breeder of champions and registered therapy dogs.

PON POST EDITOR (pro temp)   Benigne Dohms...see above

As you  read through the list of the APLSA officers (American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association,Inc.,) you will notice that not all of them  breeders. Among them are many APLSA officers  who have and enjoy their Polish Lowland Sheepdogs  and never want to breed.There are also several Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders.  There are also  many Polish Lowland Sheepdog owners who want no more than to look out for the well being of the breed amd have fun with other PON owners.    PONS have many talents as do  the owners of the breed.  Their interest in the breed is very varied and thus this association of PON owners should help meet the needs of many people  including ,but not limited to, Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders.  The Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association is here to support both you and the breed regardless of your interest or needs. 

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