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What works for you?   What problems have you had?  Have you found any foods your PON is allergic to?  Ideas for healthy snacks and treats  and controlling weight?

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1. Sherona | July 04, 2014 at 10:33 PM EDT

My mom feeds us PONs \NOW\ dog food. We love it and it is fairly low in protein and fat -- 25% protein and 10% fat. She puts a little bit of coconut oil on top of our food and this helps keep us from getting too fat. It also helps if you have arthritis as it lubricates the joints.

Our favorite treats are made by \Grandma Lucy\ and come in cinnamon, pumpkin, blueberry, coconut and all kinds of yummy flavors. Try them -- my mom has told all her friends about them and now they feed them to their PONs! We also like cheese cubes now and then. Cheddar, swiss and havarti are really good.

We really don't have allergies in our house so can't help you there...

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