American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association
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Visit the PONtique Boutique and Amazon PONtique Boutique

New items coming soon so keep checking in!

 PONtique Boutique

What A PON gets for Christmas

PONS have lots of different tastes and owners with lots of unique ideas of what a PON should get for Christmas.   What did your PON receive?


I have a great idea for discussion.  It is....

PONtique Boutique and Amazon PONtique Boutique

Remember to shop at our store and you will help raise money for the APLSA...a little at a time adds up.  

TOYS and GAMES...good and.or bad

My PON loves or hates his/her new toy.  Don't waste your money or grab one today. We've learned to play the game of ??.  Here is how it is played and we love it. 

PONtique Boutique

What would you like to see us carry in the  new PONtique Boutique  store whose URL  is  www.PONtique.Boutique?  Not only will you find unique PON items(always more coming) but you will find an Amazon store where you can buy many dog products and thousands of  other items directly from Amazon. Tell your friends, neighbors, other family members.  You do not have to belong to the APLSA to use either part of the store.


I need suggestions and/or help from other members who may have an idea of how to help me.   My question is ...


My PON is so smart, but sometimes too smart for his/her own good.  I must tell you...


What do you do to help your PONS stay comfortable during extremely hot and or humid hot weather? What about cold and frigid weather?


Have a  quick idea or suggestion you would like to make to the Board?   Here is a great place to do just that.


What do you need to know?  How can we help you?


What do you and your PON do for fun?  What activities work for you on a rainy or horrible hot day?  


What works for you?   What problems have you had?  Have you found any foods your PON is allergic to?  Ideas for healthy snacks and treats  and controlling weight?


Do you have questions or concerns about your PON(s) coat?  Share your grooming  ideas  and others here.


How are you protecting me against crawly  creatures during the  summer, especially ticks but also fleas and others.  Ticks are getting worse and worse and with my coat they aren't always easy to see.If you read the news and update page on the website you have even learned a new disease is coming from black legged ticks.   Suggestions from others would be most useful.


I am an athlete and here is a safe place to brag.  My nose won  me a new title.  I played a real good trick on my family.  I will confess here, but you can't tell anyone I ate the chicken when mom turned her back and then I disappeared into the other room.  Who me?  Never.   I watched "mom" herd.  She tried to get me to do it, but it was more fun watching her.  What are your talents?  Your deep , down dirty secrets?


Hey, is your  PON(s)  taking any vacations ?   Where are they headed?  Are they going anywhere  to compete?Love to add it to our calendar and maybe another PON will come to cheer you on?   How do they plan on staying comfortable?  Any hints for others?   Let's talk PONS...these questions and more. Maybe they just decided to take a little adventure on their own.  A place to share...


Pictures, articles,recipes,  stories of PON adventures all wanted from members of the APLSA for the newsletters.  Can be formal or informal.   The newsletter will only be as good as the members make it, so think about those fun pictures, etc., and send them along to Marty Ford.  Even if you have already sent something send more...the "funnest" thing is to read about other PONs and their owners.


Went to my vets yesterday for among other things testing the dogs for heartworm and putting them back on meds for the summer months.   My vet had just come back from a conference where they had discussed heartworm  Last year I used Revolution , however, she said they have found it is no longer as effective, particularly in the south.  It was recommended I go to Sentinel which I have done .   I personally will not use Frontline as I have heard too many stories I have not liked.   Just wanted to share this with everyone.